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Fonebank service provides seamless integration with core banking system, online banking software, payment networks and as well as to any existing mobile banking module of the bank. Fonebank service enables a user friendly view of banking transactions and provides much of the bank’s services while on the move such as account enquiry, fund transfer, cheque book request, transaction history, merchant payments, utility payments, and mobile top-ups. Above all, fonebank supports bank to capitalize on its existing system and to extend it to the mobile technologies in real time enabling true power of mobile commerce solution. On the other hand, fonebank users enjoy hassle free banking service from their comfort of home or office. F1Soft International has already proven its success by providing its fonebank service to more than forty reputed banks and corporate houses around the nation, thus inducing value added service banking.

Short Code: SMS should be sent to our Short Code Number 35353
Fund Transfer
fonebank users can use the mobile banking service to transfer funds from one account to another account within the same bank or different banks. They can also have fund transfer from one bank account to virtual account or from virtual account to bank account. Mobile banking provides the advantage of transferring fund to predefined account and other bank account .They can avail mobile banking for their prepaid debit card or transfer fund to other payment gateway.
Fund Transfer from Default Account:
<PIN><space> FT<space> Amount<space> <AccountNo> (1111 FT 1000 001000000111)

Fund Transfer from Specified Account:
PIN FT Amount Alias ToAccountNo (1111 FT 10000 2 001000000911)

Fund Transfer to Mobile using Default Account:
PIN FT Amount ToMobileNo (1111 FT 10000 9846152201)

Fund Transfer to Mobile using Specified Account:
PIN FT Amount Alias ToMobileNo (1111 FT 10000 2 9846152201)

Recharge Cards:
Fonebank users can request for recharge cards from his/her account, recharge card for NTC, NCELL prepaid and postpaid as well as payment of NTC CDMA, LandLine and ADSL’s are also available in this service.
Recharge Cards (GSM) from Default Account
PIN RC Amount (1111 RC NG100)

Recharge Cards (GSM) from Specified Account
PIN RC Amount Alias (1111 RC NG100 2)

Recharge Cards (CDMA) from Default Account
PIN RC Amount (1111 RC NC100)

Recharge Cards (CDMA) from Specified Account
PIN RC Amount Alias (1111 RC NC100 2)

Fonebank users can request for statement of an account, new cheque book request , stoppage to cheque book and even cancellation of a card available in the service. For security purpose, fonebank provides the service of changing the PIN number for the mobile application.
Cheque Book Request Default Account

Cheque Book Request of Specified Account

Statement Request Default Account
PIN SR S.DATE E.DATE  (1111 SR 20140101 20140130)

Statement Request of Specified Account
PIN SRS ALIAS S.DATE E.DATE (1111 SRS 2 20140101 20140130)

Bill Payment
Customers can perform mobile payment to any merchants using fonebank. The users can also make payment of bills for credit card. Mobile banking eases users by providing the facility to have bill payment to predefined merchant such as Telecoms, Service Providers, etc. Users can also have payment of utility bills, tution fee, credit card, have their mobile recharged and other merchants, via their mobile device.

Alert Service
fonebank service can provide alert messages to its user regarding any changes in their account such as withdrawal, deposit, credit/debit card transaction, etc. Users get alerts to pre or post date of their loan due payment and are updated of new product’s promotions. Users can have birthday wishes too.

Service for Non-Banking Customers
Users can also utilize fonebank service to transfer fund using virtual account to non-banking account holders or receive fund using virtual account from bank’s appointed authorized agents.

Debit card integration
Users can integrate mobile banking with debit card and prepaid card and can have request of debit card linked with mobile banking. Users can load balance in prepaid debit card and transfer money directly to other prepaid debit card within same network. Mobile banking gives multiple subscription of debit card for family pack too.

Normal Queries
fonebank customers can have enquiry about their various bank accounts including credit card and debit card account balance, last payment made, the due date for paying minimum due amount, and the total due amount to be paid. Customers can also enquire about how much interest has been charged, the last three transactions performed with an account, banking hours of the Bank, the exchange rate for a currency, the minimum due amount to be paid, how much credit is available for a credit card.

The help function in fonebank service provides self-explanatory answers to any queries regarding services of the bank.

Web Panel for users for the bank
Users of Mobile banking can have mobile application, which is compatible with all mobile types. Users can have web login for reporting transaction detail, statement details for download and print, view available balance in mobile banking system and revenue earned. Users can personalize their account by changing their profile details, password mobile banking system pin and add multiple mobile numbers of their network.

Web Panel for Merchants
Merchants can have web login for reporting transaction detail, statement prints and download and view available balance in the mobile banking system and revenue earned. They can even change profile, password, and mobile banking pin and add multiple mobile numbers of their network.

Admin control panel
Mobile banking privileges admin user to add, modify, reject, block or delete user and to provide User level Authentication. They can assign limit such as fund transfer or number of transaction per day, to individual user. They are also authorized for multiple administration control, according to their roles, merchant control and assign commission rate based on volume of Transaction or number of transaction.

User can have reports on transaction, commission, referral, activity, sms and many more . Mobile banking also provides reports of user, Merchants, Customers and gives geographical and demographic report.

Mobile application(GPRS,WAP,USSD and SMS based) for all Java-enabled mobile devices and normal handsets
Mobile banking provides application for Windows mobile, Symbian OS, Android phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Tablets.

What is mobile banking?
Mobile banking gives you safe and convenient access to your accounts from your mobile device. Mobile banking is a service that allows a customer to be updated on their banking transactions. Customer can do this with the help of their device’s text messaging function, mobile web browser, or a downloadable mobile banking application, depending on their preference and their device’s capabilities.

Is mobile banking secure?

Only the device(s) that customer personally enroll in the service can access their accounts. Moreover, no account data is ever stored on their device. And, if incase if the device is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by either going online to the mobile banking registration site or informing the bank.

what is encryption and how is it used to protect my information?

Encryption is a method of scrambling your information to protect its transmission across the internet. Encryption transforms data into an unreadable form, and decryption reverses that process. Both encryption and decryption require the use of a special code, usually referred to as ‘encryption key’. The encryption of data provides a strong degree of protection against tampering while data is moving through the internet.

What functions can a customer perform from their phone with fonebank?

fonebank users can perform following specific functions.
Account and transaction enquiries: account balance, account details, recent transactions, transaction details, etc.
Fund transfers: between own accounts, to third party accounts, interbank, etc.
Bill payments and mobile phone top up: utility payments, payment to any registered payee, mobile recharge cards top-up, etc.
Alert management: thresholds for alerts on account operations, etc.
Request services: cheque book request, full statement request
Enquiry service: balance enquiry, exchange rate enquiry, credit card enquiry

What kind of mobile device does the customer need to have?

Any web-enabled or text-enabled mobile device will support mobile banking.

Can a customer use any mobile device to access accounts or do they have to use their own mobile phone?

Customer can easily access their accounts using any web-enabled or text-enabled mobile device that allows secure (ssl) traffic. Customers are provided with username and password which they can use from any mobile. Mobile banking application can be easily installed into all types of mobile platforms including java, windows, iphone, android, blackberry, and many more.

Can a customer use both text messaging and the mobile web for fonebank services on their device?

Customer can use both options from the same device. Text messaging will work on any text message (sms) capable device. In order to utilize both options; customer will need to activate each option on their device prior to use.

Is there any difference in services depending on the mobile phone models?

Wireless supporting mobile phones will have no difference in the services. However, wide screen models can provide more information on one screen.

What if a customer loses their phone?

fonebank facilitates customer in accessing their accounts without storing its information. In case of replacement of mobile numbers, they need to update their new number to banks.

What happens if a customer loses his/her signal during a transaction?

When a transaction is completed from their mobile device such as bill payment, funds transfer, etc., they will receive a message with the transaction delivered confirmation. If the customer do not receive this message due to a dropped call or lost signal, they need to check their account and re-submit any transactions that did not process.

How secure is fonebank service?

fonebank also supports highest level of security for each channel. Embedded security of fonebank includes menu driven mobile banking that enables highly secured encryption mechanism. It implements verisign code signing certificate on mobile, verisign ssl certificate to secure the communication and 2 factor authentication to verify user’s identity. Fonebank is mobile operator and device independent, which provide wide range of mobile banking services, including account enquiries, fund transfers, bill payment, and many others.

What security precautions should a customer take when using fonebank service?

We recommend customer be mindful of the following guidelines:
Delete any sent messages from your “sent” folder in order to protect the account information.
Delete all sensitive account related information from your ‘inbox’ folder.
Not to share the mobile identification number given by bank.
Report to bank immediately after losing mobile phones.

What security precautions should a bank take when using fonebank service?
Enough training to the application controller of the bank.
Define given roles to the application user.
Need to have strong and reliable database backup.

What are the criteria to use mobile banking?
In order to use the mobile banking system, the criteria are:
The customer should be the bank customer, the particular bank who is providing the service.
The customer should have the valid type account categorized by the bank itself.
The customer should register himself/herself in mobile banking system with the enabled feature

What is the difference between textn’bank service and fonebank service?

If the customer wish with only queries regarding balance enquiry, cheque book request, statement request, banking hours inquiries etc. Then textn’bank service will suffice but if the customer wish to take all the services regarding fund transfer, merchant payment, utility bill payments etc. Then he/she has to enable the fonebank service.

Mobile banking provides the infrastructures for the user to carry the financial transaction through the popular device called mobile.
Mobile banking works when different entities mobile service provider, request processor software and mobile phones networks are connected in the single platform through the intermediaterie called bank. mobile banking system hosts in the individual banking arena from where the processes are control as per the bank business rules.

In order to register in mobile banking system the customer need to visit bank, fill the form for registration in mobile banking system either with textn’bank service only or textn’bank with fund transfer service both.The customer needs to specify their source accounts in both the cases and as well the destination accounts as their favorite accounts to which they wish to transfer their funds from their source accounts if they do not want any account transfer facility.

In case of source accounts and destinations accounts the customer needs to specify the unique alias as well which is a nick name for their accounts respectively for simplicity. the processor will use the alias for processing.

After the customer fills their form, the bank user categorized as created by the bank will collect the form and registers the customer in the mobile banking system if the customer has correct information filled. then the customer is registered in the system.

After the customer is created, the customer information and services is verified by the bank user categorized as approver, by the bank. after the approver approves the customer, the sms with positive acknowledgement along with the customer pin code is sent to the customer through which the customer can access their facility either from their plain text sms sending process or from various client applications if installed in their respective mobile phones. Bank staff validates and registers the customer in mobile banking. after complete registration, welcome message with random pin (personal identification number) number is sent to the customer. it’s recommended to change this pin for the first time.

The customer can use that pin to request any information provided by the mobile banking service. the request should be sent to the particular short code number (destination number) provided by the bank. for instance, bank can have short code such as 6556

The request message/sms should be in the proper format provided by the bank. otherwise, the corresponding invalid response to the request is sent to the customer. for example,
to request fund transfer, the proper format provided by bank can be

example: 1111 ft (ft is keyword for fund transfer)
The customer must use above format to request fund transfer.

The request made by the customer is sent to any mobile operator. the mobile banking software/application then retrieves those messages/sms from the service providers, processes those requests and generates the appropriate responses and sends back to the service providers. the service provider eventually sends the response/sms to the customer.

Any changes regarding customer information particularly mobile number, request for pin reset should be informed to the bank or process accordingly to the bank rules.